Mayhem, the Norwegian Black Metal forefathers, debated as the band that started the big bang. This is the band that their name does not only bound with music but with what black metal means and what it represents; It once had one of the best music composers known in the genre “Euronymous” and one of the best lyricists as well “Dead”.

The band’s musical capabilities and perfection are overshadowed by the stories of murder and arson. Daemon is the pioneer band’s sixth full-length album, this time and of no doubt, it appears that Mayhem was back to experience black metal extremes. It is said that Mayhem was about to go back to the crude Punk-Metal they once experienced during the 80’s era with the infamous album “Death crush”.

However what happened is they went the other way around to a whole new dramatic, malice and bitter adventure. A pretty much straight black metal punch to the face. They did a great job filling the album with atmosphere and intensity pushing their boundaries lyrically and instrumentally.

The Dying False King” starts the album with brutal blast beats, the band’s vocalist “Attila Csihar” vibes like 4 demons fighting each other; he screams, growls, moans and at times he vibes like he’s in a doom ceremony, other times he uses harsh demonic howls on “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.

Moving to “Bad Blood,” it is a straight forward black metal, the blasts remind me of “Buried by Time and Dust” from their masterpiece “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” with very nice riffs, break downs, baselines, and a killer solo. While, “Aeon Daemonium” reflects much of atmospheric tunes, like a sonic journey blasting its six minutes.

Next come “Of Worms and Ruins” and “Invoke the Oath.” They are the type of tracks that certainly provokes the evil in you and have you set in a circle of fire and a sacrifice (not that I recommend ). Then comes “Worthless Abominations Destroyed” is like a soundtrack to a horror movie with few words and only dark atmospheric riffs and drum beats.

Next is “Falsified and Hated” is a killer track with fierce and dark atmospheres, with unexpected yet nice synths in the middle. Finally, for me, this is the best album from Mayhem in a long time since the release of “D.M.D.S.” Every song is well crafted, a definite return to the roots of the band’s style, aggression, and brutality. Much appreciation and respect to the enthusiasts of Mayhem who presented this wonderful piece.

Edited by: Amgad Mahmoud