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Maybe it’s not best for me…

Maybe it’s destined…

Maybe it’s something completely different…

Who’s to say?

If we all knew our future, would we have put the effort to actually achieve it?

Maybe…maybe not…

That’s basically me in my bed at 3 am, forgetting how to sleep and my brain working overtime…

…but hey, that’s not science fiction, that’s something we can all relate to on our deepest levels of…just being!

Destiny…the future…the mystery of what can and cannot be…

…and that’s also the title and core topic of Bineal Roy’s first song in his solo work, the single titled “Maybe”.

You cannot deny the instant relevance you feel when listening to the first sentence in the song…

“Maybe it’s not the time to see the things the waI do…”

…I mean, c’mon…when I heard that, my brain ran wild…”what can that mean for me?”

…and simply, that’s the genius of Bineal…

He could reach anyone in the world instantly through his words and music…

…that’s something that most of the musicians and artists in the world couldn’t even begin to claim that they can do.

Bineal hails from Sydney, Australia…and before starting out releasing music as a solo artist and a multi-instrumentalist, he is also the singer and multi-instrumentalist in Sydney psych-rock band ‘Adaptors’.

By the way, ‘Adaptors’ released some very successful music before, including “Closer” which got aired on MTV Australia and “Gossamer”, which got played on more than 50 Australian radio stations….and they released a music video also…I mean, leave some for the rest of us.

So Bineal is coming from a successful prior experience already.

Speaking of experience…the lyrics of “Maybe” are simply one of the most relatable I’ve heard in the last 10 years…and it does come from life experience.

The music is accessible, easy on the ears, catchy…with a guitar solo, let’s not forget that.

Speaking of the song, why don’t we jump right into the world of “Maybe” and experience it? Let’s!

The song starts out right away, no intro, no nothing, it sucks you in from the first 2 seconds. Brilliant.

“Maybe” has a very catchy melody and a very catchy structure, it’s like Bineal is teaching us the song as we go…and he succeeds in that.

The song has a very clear and unique pop essence to it, that’s what makes it easy on the ears and that is what makes it hit with the impact it’s doing! Again, brilliant.

The instrumentation and production is just perfect, nothing is over-produced, the sounds all feel perfectly fine tuned…the vocals are smooth and soothing…

Bineal is evidently an extremely well established singer and musician, and that appears very clear in his vocal performance, with amazing highs and super catchy lines…along that, of course, the guitar playing..

“Maybe” has a very cool guitar solo that sounds and feels awesome…yes, you can almost touch the sound of the guitar during the solo.

“Maybe” is already a hit for me and will be a hit to anyone who will give it a listen.

Bineal, we deeply enjoyed your talent and creativity in crafting “Maybe”, we wish you all the best in the world…and a lot more!


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