Summer romance is desired to keep in sync with the steamy ambiance, but there’s something poetic about fall and its uncertain weather. To keep up with the moody atmosphere these days, Giant and the Georges are presenting the pushing and pulling of love in their fresh single, “Maybe Baby.”

The two brothers, Ben and Sam George (vocals and guitars), Luke (bass and vocals)—who is the giant due to his largeness—and Kristian on drums make up Giant and the Georges. This charismatic band is the result of mashing a vintage hint of Oasis and a contemporary flair of Arctic Monkeys together in an organic manner to deliver an appealing trademark.

“Maybe Baby” has a dreamy, mellow mood, yet it spreads energy with its vibrant performance. It kicks off with a bouncy drum line and shimmery riffs that create a colorful vibe. Once the vocals enter, you’ll be charmed instantly by the raw, melodic vocal delivery and the harmonic backing vocals.

Each element of the single lures you into hyping up and matching the energy of the groovy rhythm. While listening, it felt like it was the film score that got played in an intense scene between the main characters, with mixed singles of affection and uncertainty flowing from the sentimental lyrics and tender act.

The song’s notion is going in a realistic yet hopeful direction, and it’s demonstrated in every element exquisitely. The arrangement itself speaks to you on an unconscious level, getting all your organs and spirit boosted with vitality and optimism.

Giant and the Georges are definitely the rock band you’d want to keep an eye on. I know I will!