Mavara is considered the first Iranian progressive and neo-progressive rock band, now based in New England, United States. Mavara means “”Beyond everything you think””. The band was formed in 2001.

The ten-tracks album; Consciousness is an independent album produced by the band founder FarhoodGhadiri (composer and keyboardist) which is set to be released on Monday, September 11, 2017.

I see the album has an easy listening style, and I won’t call it a complicated music structure as we see in other progressive bands. But I have a problem with the album mixing and mastering, which effected on the quality and leveling of many songs within the album. I am not sure, but I noticed a sound distortion in songs like; ‘Childhood’, ‘Living the fast life’, ‘High on Power’ and ‘Mandatory Hero’. Till now, ‘Time Makers’ is my favorite song really, and even it’s a basic lyric video, but delivers the track’s message very well. Guitar riffs are so vital and vocal line is really nice.

‘Run Out of the Maze’ is an instrumental track, and the unique parts really are the rhythm and bass riffs, and the keyboard soloing which is core of the song. For the middle guitar solo, was good but maybe I was expecting more than that. But after that solo you will fall in love with the track till the end. Great job guys!

‘Illumination’ is about a minute choir/vocal song. It’s based on a high and love singing pitches, which I didn’t get its concept really; however, when I checked the album title-track ‘Consciousness’ I figured that somehow it’s like an introductory for it. ‘Consciousness’ is kind of following the mellow style with a nice harmony.

Finally, the album is very good but I would recommend considering the mixing and mastering issues within their next releases because it was obvious in 4 tracks here to suffer some technical audio problems. It’snoticed especially while listening through a studio monitor!

Edited by: Bishoy Nader.