Hailing from the UK county of Somerset, Matt Wescott recently emerged with multiple solo single releases. Live experience across his local cities of Bristol and Bath, as well as London, has seen Matt perform at prestigious venues and festival stages. The artist now looks ahead to more upcoming projects on the horizon and is set for an exciting 2024.

Matt’s third single, another teaser for his forthcoming EP ‘Echoes Around The Sun’, arrives as ‘Lost’, a track filled with gracious and flowing atmospheres. Matt balances blues influences with heartfelt songwriting, creating an intertwining dance between the instruments that maintains a sense of raw musicianship and emotion. Vocally, the track is equally natural, as Matt laces his lyrics with themes of love, expressing these feelings with soft melodies and angelic harmonies.

Matt shares the meaning of the new single, “Lost is a dark love song. It’s about following someone down to the depths and being there for them no matter what”

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