Okay, so these guys were playing here in Egypt last month and I took the chance to buy their album as I LOVED their show, so I thought I should review their album as well!

First off, who are Materia? Well, these guys are a band from Poland and they have toured Eastern Europe as well as playing a gig here in Egypt endorsed by the Polish embassy. They are relatively a new band, forming in 2007; they released their first EP in 2011 and first full LP in 2013, which is this album I’m reviewing!

Their current lineup is as follows:

  • Michał “Mihu” Piesiak – lead Vocals and bass
  • Tadeusz “Tede” Piesiak – guitar and backing vocals
  • Adrian “Adi” Dubiński -Guitar
  • Jakub “Marcia” Marciniak – drums

Now, to what do I think of the recording quality? It’s simply amazing, professional mixing and mastering, the guitars sound huge and dark, the drums are not too loud, and the bass is really good as well! The vocals use a bit of editing to be that amazing but it isn’t anything fake, it’s mostly layering and I still love them.

I could write pages on the music, but you probably won’t read that much anyway, so I’ll keep it to a minimum.

They sound amazing, their music has this great sense of brutality yet a lot of emotion put into it, I can’t exactly give them a genre as they have both core and groove influences, with some amazing riffs and lines such as the clean tapping lick in their track ‘B-17’. The drums are always fast and on time, their drummer is mind blowing. My only complaint has to be that most of their tracks are too short ranging from 1 minute 17 seconds to 6 minutes 48 seconds, but most of their tracks are well under 5 minutes short. Also yes you guys, before you ask they do djent!

This album is a really great buy and definitely worth your money. I have listened to it three times so far and I will listen to it again. My favorite track has to be ‘B-17’, you could listen to it below.


Edited by: NJ Bakr