Who said that the “Good Old Days” – or what we call “El Zaman El Gamil” – is over?

Absolutely NOT! Make yourself a cup of tea, pick up your favorite book, relax on your favorite couch and listen to Massar’s album “El ‘Aysh Wel Melh” that will take you to the era of “Sayed Mekkawy”, “Sayed Darwish” and more of the legends of Oriental music, with a touch of jazz that makes the oriental music more contemporary, what’s more indulging than relaxation and excitation in one album?

Enjoy the sounds of Oud played by the golden fingers of the artist “Hazem Shahine”, the leader of the band and the Oud player, the pianist “Nawar Abbasy”, the percussionist “Hany Bedeir” and the American Contrabass player “Miles Jay”. The marriage of Oriental and Western instrument groups by the quartet made a unique sophisticated piece of art.

“Zaffet Shaheed” is one good track, although it’s composed in 2006, it’s most touching these days, especially after the martyrdoms we witnessed in and after the revolution of 25th of January. The performance of the contrabass player “Miles Jay” in this track was remarkable.

Masar’s cover to Sayed Darwish’s “Eih El Ibara” was awesome, specially the performance of the pianist “Nawar Abbasy” at the beginning of the track.

Reviewed by: Noha ElHawary