Jason Velez

There is no sleep with Divining Rod’s new energetic tune ‘ Mason County Line’, dropped on the 16th of December, that’s going to light up a fire when it plays anywhere all the way from Irvington, US. An alternative rock song, you’re in for a lot of dancing with the amazing pace and positive tone of the song. 

 The band was an initiative of Hawaiian-born multi-instrumentalist Miyuki Furtado who sings, plays guitar and drums on his very own homemade drum set. The band is specialized in making soul-tinged Americana music. The band consists of drummer John Malone, bassist Matt Svigals, and vocalist Patrick Harmon. The band is influenced by artists like Willie Nelson, Joe Ely, and Roger Miller. 

The song talks about a love that fixes itself despite its problems. Giving us hope in the form of a dancing tune, there is nothing better than this track to forget your sorrows and tap your feet away. The overall sound of the song is happy, exciting and with an undertone of sadness that you are inclined to push through with the encouraging tone of the music. The musical arrangement is rich, with a fast, country soundscape that is textured and loud. Your senses will not get enough of the fullness this song provides to your ears and soul! The song starts with a somewhat dark acoustic guitar, a heavy drums and a spicy electric guitar riff and a solo with distortion. The beat of the song mimicked the turbulence that is respected in the lyrics about flawed love. The vocals are clear, strong, and also high-pitched when necessary. Check out Spotify for this song!