I first listened to ‘Eleven’ and my first impression was that they’re trying to mimic 90’s bands like Nirvana. The influence is highly present. I also have to complain about the sound quality, I believe that they’re trying to have a 90s-ish quality sound. ‘Eleven’ -while it’s not the only one- has a very familiar unoriginal tone; my first impression wasn’t in their favor.


‘TOAD’ and ‘Dear Monkey’ didn’t change my opinion much, they made it worse as I have some complains about the vocals; it sounded like the lead vocalist is trying to sound like someone else which only affects how it sounds negatively.

‘In Heaven’ sounded much better and showed some potential. I like the guitar work here. ‘Helltown’ and ‘Offtime’ sounded like those Metal bands’ old demos but I enjoyed listening to them. The last three songs would sound pretty good after some polishing.

All in All, I think I like Marvintripp and believe they have the ingredients to make something good. They just have to work on the vocals, sound quality and focus on creating their own distinctive sound.

Written by: Noura M.Moussa
Edited By: Nehal A. Ali


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