Garage Rock is all about accessibility. It should be easy to the listener to get to know the band, easy for the artist to pour their personality all over the record, just a feast of ease and accessibility, and in today’s world where people can record absolute classics in their bedrooms on a laptop (yes, I’m looking at you Mac DeMarco), it’s the golden age for accessibility in music.

Commander Commander is very accessible. Their latest EP was recorded in the artist’s bedroom, it’s short and features short songs. It’s very accessible. Hailing from NYC, Commander Commander might work via a simple setup, but his ear for melodies is definitely not simple. marie anette (yes, that’s how they spell it) is a catchy, spicy, and jangly pop tune. Yearning, melodic, and sweet. With the catchy, quick drum shuffles, and the orchestra of twangy, chorused guitars, hammering away alongside the heartfelt and playful vocals, it’s a very attractive little atmosphere that’s at once simple and intricately crafted. The composition too is impressive for such a short banger, with sweet progressions that ebb and flow, going from the ever cheerful and jumby verses to the more melancholic and vintage-sounding choruses. 

marie anette is a very beautiful and beautifully made little cut-off of an easy to listen to EP. If you happen to like ambitious artists making grand statements, such as Pop gems from bedroom setups, then this song and artists should be on your radar.