I’ve always admired the idea of being able to express oneself via art, such as how painters are able to draw their feelings and thoughts and make you see what they’re seeing inside their heads. CTC are no painters! Yet they’re able to draw their feelings with words, and I’ve felt that in all their previous work and now in “Margarita.” The brilliant artist CS Taber can conjure up the adventure sense in Mexico even if you haven’t been there before, the empathy and compassion for a girl who is a fabrication of his imagination, nevertheless represents many of the migrant children with their families.

Colors give paintings more soul, and the colors in “Margarita” are the Latin music vibes in the guitar chords, along with the folk-rock sound that best suits Taber’s tender, touching vocals. He can narrate any story that has a dismal splash in a very soothing way thanks to his airy music arrangement and soulful vocals. Somehow, the easygoing Everett Young’s production makes you end up feeling that “Margarita” is a love song, regardless of who or what you’re in love with: nature, the inner child in you, or a lover.

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Viola Karmy



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