First of all, who is Marc Schonbrun? He is an American guitarist, author and educator who has many works including books, DVDs and CDs. He graduated from Crane School of Music and performed in many venues like The Tralf Music Hall and Lincoln Center.

The Everything Guitar Scales Book with CD: Over 700 Scale patterns for every style of music this is the complete title of this educational publication. The book is well written and helps from beginners to professional players. The book consists of 12 chapters and starts with the Pentatonic Scales till jazz and modern scales. He first started with explaining to the readers how to read diagrams, due to its continuity to the rest of the book. The good thing about each chapter that he analyses each scale within its major and minor formation and even the patterns shapes are easily understood by players.


Each explained scale goes for all musical notes (C – C#/Db – D – D#/Eb – E – F – F#/Gb – G – G#/Ab – A – A#/Bb – B) so that makes it very easier to the reader to find the demanded note for the desired scale. As modes usually is a big issue for any scales seeker, the good thing about this book that it gives each mode the in explanation in different chapters to explain what it is and how it looks like on a guitar fretboard. From the second chapter, it starts with the Major/Ionian mode by to the ninth chapter for the Locrian one.

On a personal level, this book helped me very much with the final two chapters (The Diminished Scales – Jazz/Modern Scales). Before finding this book, I was kind of lost with such scales but the way of demonstrating them helped me a lot to understand it and implement it easily.

Well done, Marc! I highly recommend this book for any guitar scales learner, believe me, it’s going to give you more than what you demand.

Edited by: NJ Bakr

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