With a full length coming on the way, the LA trio Bella Disastro dropped their first single off it “Manuka” on the 6th of September, 2022. Recorded, mixed, and engineered by Marc Weiland at the Eagle Rock studios, “Manuka” is a rocking tune with sweet melodies and a honey-dipped groove that’ll move you right away, let’s see how it goes

“Manuka” is a pure classic bluesy rock n roll tune with Bella Disastro showing off their influences and mellow writing and I love it! The vocal melody is pretty interesting with strong delivery and solid harmonies. “Manuka” has a strong fluid groove that stays constant alongside its dynamic structure, making sure you’ll be hooked for the whole thing and I believe will lead to playing it over and over again.

“Manuka” is a chill tune for your morning coffee with bright melodies and colourful sound, its cool flow, and catchy melodies will get you instantly moving and will definitely put you in a good mood, totally recommended and made me look forward to more from Bella Disastro, cheers!