Alec Berlin is back starting the year on a high note with his rock instrumental latest release “Man’s Best Friend” released on March 30th. It’s the 11th track of a 12 track project that started from a dream where he heard a “long-lost hit song that no one had ever heard before” inspiring him to write a series of instrumental tracks that combine various genres with rock and pop as the main elements. With a master’s degree in Jazz Performance, Alec Berlin is a highly regarded guitarist who made a name for himself in New York’s music scene as a live and studio session musician since his move 25 years ago. He played in various Broadway shows such as Rent, Wicked and The Lion King, and also played live alongside Elton John, James Taylor, Ben Folds, Kenny Wheeler and Rufus Wainwright.

In my opinion, instrumental songs are the ultimate medium for musicians to convey their emotions and tell stories through their instruments, and Alec Berlin accomplishes just that with “Man’s Best Friend”. The track begins with an acoustic jam layered with melodic and cheerful melodies, and progresses into a heavier soundscape without losing its lighthearted tone. Berlin’s jazzy roots shine through in an experimental and progressive interlude, before the song returns to its initial acoustic jam. What’s most impressive about “Man’s Best Friend” is Alec Berlin‘s smooth transitions and ability to paint vivid imagery with his guitar without words. In my own interpretation the track tells the story of a puppy’s adventurous day.

“Man’s Best Friend” is truly a well crafted, written and produced track that has a scenic touch to it. It’s a testament to Alec‘s creativity, guitar skills and storytelling ability. Don’t miss the chance to check out “Man’s Best Friend”, as it deserves a spot on anyone’s playlist.