The Kelly Line releases their latest album, “Manifesto”, nine songs that play for over half an hour, each piece setting its philosophy and sending off a message.

Manifesto is The Kelly Line’s take on some of today’s issues. To borrow a line from the title track (“Manifesto I + II): “we might not know what’s right, but we sure as hell know what’s wrong”.

There are two title tracks in the album that give the name: “Manifesto I + II”, which kicks off with a white sound of a cafeteria or similar, and eventually, the vocals step in, almost singing a cappella. The song’s tune is very uplifting and plays along with the lyrics. It resonates and delivers a relatable message.

The other and final song of the list, “Manifesto III”, counts with a beautiful Country-ish intro. Then the vocals come in, and the music returns to the original Folk origin.

The UK-based band used Folk-Rock, Indie-Folk as the backbone of their sound to create a music proclamation of the world’s current situation, including songs such as: “Roll Back the Calendar”, “Groundhog Day”, and “What Gives Yout the F*cking Right?”.

In short, The Kelly Line has a lot of potential. Their hard work reflects on the vocals’ passion felt throughout the album, and the music composition reflects a strong alone is tastefully crafted, with strong attention to detail.

The Kelly Line is a father/son songwriting duo – Mike (father) and Ben (son) write the songs Ben performs. Either as a solo acoustic act or as part of a full band.

The Kelly Line can trace back to Connemara, where, way back in 1897, Albert Kelly was born. A few years later, while no more than a boy, he ran away to sea. He had many fantastic adventures before finally settling in Liverpool and raising a family. So we’re his bloodline, and we’re just continuing the story.

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