Although he has been self-producing records since the mid-80s while being a guitarist in a rock band, LA-based musician and sound designer Dino DiMuro went into being a motion

picture sound effects editor where he won several awards including an Emmy, and received features in a number of films and series including the sound design for the Netflix series NARCOS. With influences from Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, and They Might Be Giants, With his new double CD “Heatstroke Alley” coming up, Dino DiMuro teased it with his latest single “Maniac Chasing Me”,  a song he perfectly describes as 

“It’s a quirky, jumpy, funny-rock song in the Zappa or They Might Be Giants tradition

about the scary people that populate our nighttime streets, along with the annoying

people who watch our kids at summer camp.”

So, let’s see how it goes,

Maniac Chasing Me” is not your typical rock song, its funky groove mixed with the deep, full-of-bass guitar tone and that piano melody added a layer of heaviness alongside its jazzy-progressive nature. Dino DiMuro’s way of arranging fluid organic melodies with smooth transitions and changing tempos in an entertaining dynamic structure with lots of energy yet, in a groovy storytelling soundscape is incredible! And his sense of creating a catchy easy melody appears clearly in that playful laidback vocal melody.

Maniac Chasing Me” is a fun enjoyable trip that I would like to get on a lot! It’s not the usual rock song you’ll have on your playlist but, it’s the chassis rock, jazzy, funky mix you always wish existed. Dino DiMuro’s choice of guitar tone and music writing shows he is a seasoned musician with a keen eye for details and a clear vision. Looking forward to more from Dino DiMuro, keep on rocking!

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