A distinctive tune and a genre wavering album is introduced by the polish band Manescape.

Manescape is a neo-psychedelic rock trio formed in 2006 in Głogów, Poland. They published a demo by the name of D-Tape back in 2007 then released an EPcalled In Progress in 2008 and finally released their full-length album Antibodies in February 2017.

Antibodies is a “Distinctive tune” album as it delivers several meanings and atmospheres through the diversification of tempos.
The album is basically a stoner rock album, so it will get you high whether musically or lyrically. The band really did well in writing the chords and merging them with the adequate set of lyrics. In the first track ‘HeliumManescape sings “Fill me up with some helium and heat, I wanna get the feeling of big balloons spreading all their wings. Take me higher than the clouds my demons never fly so high” you do get the metaphor, don’t you?

However, Antibodies has several weaknesses. First and foremost is the recording quality. I don’t really know how the band could accept such low quality from the record label! The album has so much to say and is very creative musically but most of those aspects are worn out by the awful production quality.

Secondly, some songs were too long with no change or distinction in the tunes throughout the whole song, which might get the listeners to get bored or lose attention. While on the other hand, ‘The Yearning’ is a ten-minute’ track and it’s an extreme musical battle. Though it’s a long track but it can never get you bored because it is very dynamic with tempo and music changes between upbeat and downbeat! It makes you feel you wanna make sure what you heard was correct and that you paid full attention to the solos and riffs. And make sure you haven’t missed a thing throughout the track’s trip.

Concerning the vocals, it felt buried within the music as if they were recorded in a primitive way or something. It sounded inconsistent at some points. But at other points, they sounded just right for the track’s theme.

So, all in all, Manescape did an awesome job musically and lyrically. The Lyrics had underlying meanings that gets you to think in order to understand what they actually mean. But once again the main weakness of Antibodies is the quality, everything other than that was fabulous.

Manescape are:

• Daniel Paluszek – Guitars/Vocals
• Piotr Lubiak – Bass
• Mario Bielski – Drums


Edited by: Ahmed Khalil