Peony, the UK fuzz rock duo, has released their second single, “Man Il Uomo”, following the success of their first single, “Low Low Low”…

…drawing influences from Queens of the Stone Age, PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, and The Pixies, the duo explores toxic masculinity through powerful drum beats, percussion, and heavy fuzz guitar. Their songwriting process involves improvisation and exploration.

Peony is set to release teasers for their upcoming album, ‘Vast Animals’, and will perform nationwide.

Their latest single “Man Il Uomo” breaks the musical molds in all the best of ways…making it stand out tall and towering within an ocean of look-alikes…

The powerful fuzz guitar riffs and melodies are absolutely fantastic, working with the powerful drum beats and extra powerful drum sections makes for an absolutely banging musical experience…

Peony unleashes their creativity with “Man Il Uomo”…they go from one tempo to another, from one mood to another, and it’s absolutely fine, and perfectly transitioned too.

“Man Il Uomo” is a super-creative musical and lyrical experience that has to be heard…make sure you check it out at all costs.

Wishing the musical duo all the best and can’t wait to hear more and more of these brilliant and creative minds.