Arena-sized pop rock, heartfelt words, soulfully delivered, and tight musicianship, all call themselves home on this new stunner from The Victory. 

‘Making Some Music’ is a part of the latest offering from Dublin-based band The Victory. Their open and expansive sonic character comes across on this latest endeavor of theirs as honest, optimistic, and warming. By their indulgence in modulated guitar tones, the band weave their song with an uncommon texture that’s compelling yet familiar, and putting it against the intricate composition, that’s just as familiar, creates a soundscape that’s equally engaging and easy on the ears.

Shane O’Reilly brings forth one of the warmest vocal performances in my recent memory. rich with melodic nuance, soulful inflictions, and of course, the heartwarming lyrics, making for a vocally lush composition that speaks in volume to lovers of music who listen to it, or even more potently to those who make it.

A stunning affair from a solid band of Dubliners who are visibly inspired by their craft. A refreshing bit of jangly and tight pop rock with a reinvigorating sound and a soothing message.