I still remember when people were struggling to play and even listen to their music. To me, such days actually witnessed the birth of an idea called Rock Era, yeah! I am talking about something between 2001 and 2004. I still remember concerts in a barn in Mansourya, a non-qualified venue in Moqatam, among other shitty places. Why? The answer is pretty simple, which is to avoid getting caught by the authorities. But why would you get caught? Frankly, I don’t have a specific answer, but maybe because we were a bunch of guys and girls who were just want to play or listen to the kind of music they like! Frankly, I am not a Mahragaant fan at all. In fact, I am one of the old-schoolers who believe such cliché home records, made a huge negative effect on the local independent studios, engineers, musicians, and venues. In addition to its influence on the younger generation on the streets. Still, I am one of those who believe if you ban, doesn’t mean you are right. The same happened a few years ago when the musicians’ syndicate banned several metal concerts in many venues, and this was in the past few years, not 20 years ago! I believe that it’s really hard to ban art, because it usually finds a way to be expressed anyway, either we like it or not! Back to metal music, the majority of lyrics are about social, political, psychological, even romantic topics, and we can say a negligible percentage who were performing excrement and anti-religious topics. Now, I have a question for you, but first let me clarify, the government – as well as the public – were trying to ban rock and metal concerts 20 years ago. In your opinion, have they succeeded in such a matter? Well, I would love to know your answer on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


Mena Ezzat