Rage is how we feel towards Earth’s current era, against everyone! Madness looms around on every land and sea, everybody seems mad at everybody! A dealer of emotions, energy pumping pipers adjacent to your ears with crazy ass progressive music and sick chaotic riffs that are being played by the mad MAL in their recently released single “Madness As Lift” sounding from Van Nuys, USA.

Madness As Lift” begins with a howling wind sound accompanied by a mono guitar riff followed by the drums build up along with the stoner vocals of Kristopher Jung, which just hit you with the psycho doubled guitar riff and vocals with the amount of craziness that keeps going getting you up and excited for a pit.

MAL is using nasty build-up to the chaos brilliantly, with heavy guitar riffs and screaming vocals imposing the existence of madness and delivering the message the track was written to deliver. 

The track reminded me much of my personal favorite Avenged Sevenfold with their newly released album “Life Is But A Dream”, the track “Madness As Lift” is having things in common as the crazy vibes that fly all over the place along with the chaotic and progressive theme and the jumping from the mellow/mono vocals to the screams, and also same applies to the guitars, the basslines played by Peter Hollywood and drum lines played by “Brendan Reynolds”.

As mad as it gets, and as chaotic as it sounds, “Madness As Lift” will still be a real rock & roll track that enhances your energy and pushes you around in the pit.