Some of us freak out when we think about our mortal lives and how they will all come to an end. Worst of all, we may lose our loved ones and have to live in misery without them. In her single “Made of Stars,” Mariya May finds her own way to comfort these troubled minds.

While not everything can be answered, especially with logic that pleases our intellect, sometimes all we need is something to ease our hearts and souls. “Made of Stars” has that effect once one hears it. It leaves you with no rational answer, yet it fixes the heavy-weighted mind with the solace it gives. It’s an emotional piece that comes in the tone of a loving mother comforting her scared child. What most got me in the heartfelt, reassuring lyrics is stating the fact that there’s no escape, yet the solution is to “cherish the time and this time will show what you’re made of.”

The single is a mood changer right from the intro with the soothing guitar and the light percussion that tranquilizes the frightened heart. May’s ethereal voice has a caring tone that warms the heart. The sax adds depth to the single and makes it cozy. Altogether, they bring the perfect fusion of folk and psychedelic that gives the song its distinct sound and soulful, euphoric core.

You are made of stars, and what do stars do? They shine. So, we should cherish our time and use it to shine. If we need to know-how, listening to the single below is a brilliant start:

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