The latest single “Mad LOVE Story” from the American duo Soul Twin Messiah was unveiled on Valentine’s Day. This track is part of their self-titled debut album, which consists of 10 tracks and is scheduled for release on April 12, 2024.

The co-founders of Soul Twin Messiah, Evan Gary Hirsch (guitars) and Kip Baldwin (lead vocals) collaborated on composing all the songs on the album. Their singles exhibit a range of musical genres while conveying a unified message. “Comfort You” received acclaim for its tender rock ballad essence. “Shut Up and Listen To Me” advocates for sincere communication amidst the chaos of social media. Highlighted here is our standout track, “Mad LOVE Story,” promoting the themes of universal love and unity.

The captivating guitar melodies, powerful vocals, and groovy riffs make this track an instant favorite for me, as I long for this classic rock sound. The band’s clever promotion strategy involved a humorous music video where Evan and Kip change outfits and accessories while performing the song. The production quality and musicianship truly impressed me, evident in the clear bass lines and tight drum beats. The press info revealed a diverse lineup of skilled drummers and bassists including John Mader, Prairie Prince, Michael Urbano on drums, and Steve Evans, Marc Levine on bass. Additionally, the enchanting harmonies and melodies from Hardy Hemphill on keyboards, Mark Rinta on trombone, Carlos Reyes on electric and bass violins, and Omega Rae, Jeanie Tracy on backing vocals create a unique and memorable chemistry.

Certainly, it’s essential to discuss the production aspect. The album was produced by Soul Twin Messiah and Joel Jaffe (known for working with Ringo Starr, Ray Manzarek, Bonnie Raitt, The Call, Night Ranger, and Sheryl Crow) at the renowned Studio D in Sausalito. As Evan Gary Hirsch emphasized, “Our primary goal with our debut album was to make a significant impact, showcasing our musical abilities and top-notch production while reflecting the diverse influences and styles that define the STM sound.” Co-writer and lead vocalist Kip Baldwin added, “Our aim is to convey a message of a world built on LOVE rather than fear. We strive for our songs’ messages to be subtle, so if the only thing you take away from our music is the enjoyment of good, classic rock-inspired tunes, then rock on!” Cheers!