Years after the album “Out of the Dark”, Italian band LATO returns with a new single, “Machine Head Warning”, in May 2022, to become the prelude to the release of the much-awaited new album “KARISMA”.

A strong, killer start driven by the groove-broken sound of choruses and funk rock music from the ’70s, bringing melodies to draw a mesmerizing rhythm, LATO brings together different influences and blends them into an original rock version.

Lyrical performance, guitars, and percussion lines carefully intertwine with an electronic touch and go hand in hand with a natural tendency for a psychedelic, hallucinogenic and hypnotic vibe, and the bass you feel penetrates your ear straight into your mind, propelling the song forward as the guitar and vocals sing. The electronics and solo saxophone are also very prominent elements of the track.

Far from the arrogant and robotic rhythm, the lyrics of “Machine Head Warning” speak of the dangers of drifting to modern machines and forgetting the human element, whether in music or other fields, an expressive message with an electric voice that conveys the reality that continues to move towards the exciting end supported by the intertwined music of guitar, saxophone, and vocals that left The narcotic atmosphere is behind it.

A unique flavor blended by LATO in pursuit of taking their careers to new heights, creating their own identity after mastering articulation with a sophisticated voice resulting from hard work and sheer creativity, led by creative minds Filippo Pavesi and Roberto Fappani. So now listen to “Machine Head Warning” and enjoy it and wait for their next album “KARISMA”.