Tired after a long day of work or long hours of study? Stressed Out?

Then dim the lights, have a cup of tea, sit back and relax to some smooth jazz. If you’re looking for some suggestions, then may we present to you Jordan’s very own “Macadi Nahhas”.

Born in Amman with a Diploma in music from the Music Conservatory of Beirut, Macadi brings you a different method of storytelling through her own unique style of music with a Middle Eastern flavor. I guess you can call her our modern day Shahrzad.

Allow her to take you down memory lane by reviving long forgotten Arabian folklores and heritage tales. In her 2001 debut album, “Kan Ya Ma Kan”, Macadi sheds light on the Iraqi heritage with the participation of the Iraqi National Orchestra led by the well-respected Sir Monahamd Amin Izzat.

And If you’re mind still craving some more magic carpet rides through the Arabian Desert, then her second Album “KhilKhal” would be a nice choice to add to your music library as it not only features musicians from Jordan and Lebanon, but spicing up the Arabic tunes with some Cuban and Latin Jazz.

So, just remember everyone has their “days” but how you end it is what makes it count. And nothing does it like some sweet Jazz.