Anja Bene

With an obvious will to send you off your chair headbanging, Adrenaline Kings dropped their latest single “M.A.S” short for Mutual Aggravation Society”  on the 9th of September 2022. Loaded with pure heavy metal influences, the Austrian rockers started their trip the way it happened with lots of bands back in the day, with a newspaper ad from vocalist Matthias Schneider looking for like-minded musicians, and today we’re gonna dig deeper into their latest release,

Kicking in with pounding drums, heavy guitars, and a melodic rocking solo, “M.A.S” paid tribute to Adrenaline Kings’ 80s metal roots and influences. The verse’s groove made me picture them on stage doing the Scorpions-like triple guitar attack with those heavy riffs and a powerful vocal line that flows smoothly into a singalong engaging chorus. I loved their approach and total dedication to their sound which clearly appears through their riffs progression, level of production, the multiple KILLER guitar solos, and energetic dynamics, and how they ended the song on a high note,

“M.A.S” by Adrenaline Kings is one hell of a rocking tune that’ll restore your faith in heavy metal. With a lot of bands drifting away from old-school heavy metal, Adrenaline Kings are staying true to their roots and bringing new hard rock and heavy metal to nowadays music fans. It’s a heavy and melodic song with a fluid catchy vocal melody and a lot of guitar hero moments, extremely recommended to any 80s hard rock/heavy metal fan, I’ll definitely be looking forward to more from Adrenaline Kings, cheers!