LUX the band stands out through the unique nature of its founders New York singer/songwriter Angela Randall and Parisian guitarist/composer Sylvain Laforge. Together, the duo create a distinctive sound they call ‘Velvet Rock’, debuting their style with the album Super 8 in 2017. Their second album Gravity, was recorded at the legendary Studio Black Box with Peter Deimel and their latest project EP Before Night Falls – The Black Box Sessions, features live covers of Neil Young’s ‘Cinnamon Girl’ and PJ Harvey’s ‘You Said Something’ alongside tracks from Gravity. The band’s lineup is rounded out by Julien Boisseau on bass and Amaury Blanchard on drums, musicians contributing to their powerful stage presence and studio sound.

The latest single from LUX the band contains a flowing storyline, a deep dive into the consciousness of our protagonist, aptly named ‘Infinite Mind’. Capturing the energising call to the crowd that classic rock holds, whilst holding small flourishes of the true musicianship behind the performance, the group charges through momentous choruses into intricate verses, the vocals performed with the same thoughtful inflection of true storytelling and the guitar adding subtle melodies to enforce the points. Technical, tight, but most importantly, spellbinding, it’s a great track from the four-piece.

The band founders add, “‘Infinite Mind’ was recorded on tape, mixed and mastered as almost all of our songs have been, at Studio Black Box, France with the base tracks all played live. ‘Infinite Mind’ is a straightforward, up-tempo tune with 4 chords in a minor key straight-up rock song with a memorable gimmick and a Laforge trademark solo. But if the chorus is intentionally simple (all the better for those who wish to sing along!) the verses are woven with small fantastical details that take us for a walk through the writer’s infinite mind.

The lyrics seek to capture a moment, to suspend time long enough to look closely at a state of mind where beauty and love reside next to life’s small frustrations as we count down the hours of the day, every day. Contemplating the sentiment of being “on the outside, looking in”. The song ends with the hopeful determination, ‘retreat, toss out the garbage and redefine’. A song for springtime renewal for our infinite mind.”

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