Joel Sutton

Opening “Lush (Reimagined)” with a grungy guitar tone and a rocking riff, Texan rocking trio Tough On Fridays announce their new direction. “Lush” was originally released in 2017 but, as Tough On Fridays evolve, they decided to make “Lush” a witness on their changing direction and vision giving it an acoustic twist in 2019 then, totally reimagining it in 2022 in collaboration with Studios At Fischer, Canyon Lake, Texas for recording, engineering by Dan Flynn, mastering by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, Milwaukee and production by Dan Flynn, Eric Nielsen & Caleigh Oceguera, in order to release it on their upcoming record that’ll be out via Golden Robot Records. 

A boost of energy and groove kicks in when you click play with the intro’s heavy riff and drumline leading you smoothly to the verse. Keeping the pounding energetic drums going at the verse with the groovy bassline kept the dynamics high and Carly’s shiny strong vocal melody was in perfect harmony with guitar melody then, exploding into a catchy sing-along chorus with fluid guitars and vocal melody that made Carly’s vocals shine even more. I loved how they were all merged in a stream of chemistry after the 2nd chorus, with all of them giving it all they got from intense drumming into flowing beautiful guitar melodies and strong expressive vocals giving “Lush (Reimagined)” the perfect ending.

I’m glad Tough On Fridays decided to reimagine “Lush”, they sound very comfortable and in charge with this sound. They have perfect chemistry and very natural flow that made me looking forward to the release of their album later this year and, I suggest you do too. Cheers!