SamSeb’s latest track “Luna: Luna Moonlight” is the second chapter in his most ambitious project to date. Containing elements of storytelling and fantasy, “Luna: Luna Moonlight” is a mix of hard blues-rock and psychedelic folk-rock with an unsettling performance from SamSeb that elevates the track to a higher level. The twisted heavy guitar dominates SamSeb’s haunted, affected voice. Musically, “Luna: Luna Moonlight” is more mysterious than its predecessor, but all the more intriguing in preparing listeners for what would come next in the lineup for SamSeb’s alternate universe.
SamSeb’s self-described dystopian fantasy single promises a lot and retreats to a safe zone. It builds upon the hype that “Luna: The Invisible Irony” received but takes a life of its own. Like a phoenix emerging from the ashes, SamSeb’s music has its great jam parts but also dreams too ambitiously of an artistic project that’s bigger than life. With awesome lyrics, an extremely unique tune, and a high aesthetic quality, “Luna: Luna Moonlight” is the perfect comeback for a promising artist that has a lot to offer to the world.

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Jaylan Salah