Claude Ando

The third chapter of SamSeb’s EP project, Luna: Dependent Personality Disorder, is out now. This Alt-Rock, Emo/Rock track opens up an unnecessarily tabooed topic through the power of SamSeb’s music.

“Fictional story-based and character-based to represent the interpretation of us avoiding a psychologically uncomfortable truth.” –SamSeb Kierkegaard.

The lyrics are poetically bitter. They capture the personal feelings of someone who seems to struggle dealing with their surroundings and admitting to the emotions they evoke.

The music accompanying them is composed of fierce guitar sounds and various experimental elements like reverse vocals in the intro.

SamSeb is a new and upcoming force in the Rock scene. His previous release Luna: The Invisible Irony, gained attention from Mystic Sons and, to date, has received 6.6K streams on Spotify. 

Through a narrative storyline, this third release narrates the story of Luna. This time, “he imagines himself to be looking at a girl he desired so much and holding her hand, embracing the glorious magnificence of her presence. Then the boy realises that nothing happened and screams.” –Sam.

Luna: Dependent Personality Disorder and this series are those who like to get lost in a dystopian world, the ones who enjoy lyrics with crafty poetical rings and sound experimentations with Rock as the backbone.

SamSeb Kierkegaard resides in the UK, though initially is from South Korea. He has been experimenting with his music for years, shifting from a raw UK lockdown grunge/psychedelic influence on his first single, Metamorphosis (2020), to post-hardcore themes on his rendition of AURORA’s Forgotten Love (2021). 

Then came the saga of Luna, first with ‘Luna: The Invisible Irony’, his latest single (December 2021), and then followed by ‘Luna: Luna Moonlight’ (January 2022). 

This new chapter served as a taster for the EP he’s working on, profoundly reflecting on his darker thoughts. 

Through this later work and the story of Luna, Sam has expanded not with just a wider audience but with different sounds of post-hardcore that easily fit the likes of My Chemical Romance, My Bloody Valentine and David Bowie. 

We love a good experimentation song that touches real-life topics, and SamSeb seems unstoppable. We are thrilled to know there is a whole series of this and look out to see what else he will work on.