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Lethia’s Natorium is the new project by singer/songwriter Pena Hughes-John, they will be dropping their debut album this year and “Lullaby” is the 1st single off it and its open track. It is linked to Pena’s previous work specially the “Ghost of My Past” album and a collaboration with Peter Voronov who played strings and violas. 

“Lullaby” is a perfect name for this song, this is a mellow soothing tune that feels like it came out of a dream. The epic intro is very intimidating and takes you by the hand preparing you for what’s next. The strings and violas orchestrations throughout the song will take you to another world. The melodic vocal parts play a contrast game with the spoken poetry and that effect on spoken parts gave it texture and depth, I also loved the buildup that was done from spoken poetry slowly to the vocal harmonies and how they were accompanied by guitar melody.

“Lullaby” is a great choice for album opener and personally it made me curious about what is going to be next. Looking forward for more from Lethia’s Natorium. Cheers!

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