Luke Warm and The Cold Ones are a rock band based out of Thunder Bay, ON. For the band, writing music is a very therapeutic experience. They try to write songs about the things they are struggling with, and mix them with fun upbeat melodies as a good way to blow off some steam and gain some perspective.

Their reflective song, “Devils Working Late,” was inspired by singer Greg Chomut (a.k.a. Luke Warm) and his experience with becoming a father. It was a major transition for him to have everything revolve around caring for somewhere else.


It’s a common feeling to miss going out with your friends and just having fun, especially in the early days of being a parent. Even though Greg loves his children and family deeply, he found that on the rare occasion that he got a chance to go out with friends, he would try to make it last as long as possible – staying out way too late and usually not getting home until the next morning. He would feel really bad about it after, thinking that there was something wrong with him, but he realized it’s probably a pretty normal feeling after such a big change.

The song is basically saying to listeners, “So this wasn’t your best day. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s just part of life.” Hopefully people can associate with the lyrics and if they know the feeling it can give them a little comfort.

Press via Auteur Research


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