Daniel Grey

Teasing their upcoming LP Ari Carter released their alternative rock single “Luck 4 Beginners” on the 3rd of January 2023.

Ari Carter started as a solo project by songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Ari Kirkman. Joined by bassist Quinn Sternberg and drummer Nicholas Solnick in early 2019, creating this power trio whose harmony and chemistry can be heard right off the bat.

“Luck 4 Beginners” is a song that will resonate with people who lived through the Covid Pandemic, in which Ari sings introspective lyrics with his soulful voice about how he felt during that time. The verses take on a laid-back chill vibe with a simple melodic guitar riff over a straight drum and bass groove. While the chorus changes the mood up with a catchy guitar line that’s shadowed by bass and backed by a groovy drum line. With the line “So Slow” the trio paints the lyrics with the music as they trigger a halftime interlude powered by a huge ambience of reverb and backing vocals keeping the listener engaged. The groove and mood changes in the song create a dynamic flow that keeps the listener engaged. Don’t miss out on this addictive song, as it will definitely get you hooked up on Ari Carter.