In this song, Nick’s vocals revel in melancholic longing, using lyrics against a musical backdrop to describe a lovelorn relationship and dig deep into every nook and cranny of a departing love. “Lucille” brings Nick’s vocals and the lyrics to the forefront of the track, creating a versatile rock ballad that the listener instantly gets lost within, only to wake up when it’s over. “Lucille” is an indie-pop song as far as rock music allows that genre to thrive. Warren’s backup vocals add to the haunting mood of the song and provide the perfect blend of vocals vs. complex and overbearing instrumentation which slowly disappear in “Lucille” to give more space for the song to open and reveal itself to listeners, accompanying them on the lonely road trip, or late at night when they’re sitting in diners thinking about lost love.
With their debut EP coming out this February, Almost Sex brings their full creative power to the front with “Lucille”, a strong intro for the upcoming EP, one that’s leaving listeners and awe and hunger for what’s to come next.

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Jaylan Salah