Brazilian-American multi-instrumentalist Luciano Mendonca originally saw acclaim for his intricate bass skills as part of Emmerson Nogueira Versao Acustica band. Inspired by jazz legends, contemporary standouts and local individuals whose sounds have touched his soul, Luciano has developed a gift for songwriting, crafting compositions from the small moments from his Tampa Bay base, blending genres and constantly evolving.

Luciano Mendonca‘s seminal new album ‘Sign in the Stars’, seeing the artist take on his classic rock love and fusion, jazz and funk roots in a unique blend of glowing joy and gritty undertones. As he allows his music to be influenced by rich acoustic performances from the piano and brass, he also injects energy with distorted guitar chugs and melting synth electronics. As we traverse the ten-track lineup, there are slices of almost every genre imaginable, all held together by Luciano’s heartfelt approach to songwriting and lyricism, crafting poetic tales around his vibrant and eclectic overall sound. 

Luciano explains the new album, ”Each track in ‘Sign in the Stars’ is a deeply personal reflection, drawn from my own life experiences and emotions. I also have a unique ability to empathize with others’ feelings, allowing me to craft music that resonates with a wide range of emotions, even those I may not personally be experiencing.”

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