Charlie Edwards (vocals/guitar), Jay Condiotti (lead guitar), Eddie Ramirez (bass), AJ Ramirez (drums/percussion), Kelly Porter (electric organ/synth) all came together through producer Michael Schettler and was joined by Charlie Edward’s daughter Calista Edwards (cello) to form I’ve Tried Sleeping. Mixing their deep roots into classic rock with their music writing skills and good musicianship, I’ve Tried Sleeping will be dropping their self-titled record on the 13th of November 2022 with a plan to release one single per week up until the release date and today, we’re gonna prepare you for November 13th as we dig deep into the record track by track.

With a well-detailed proper build-up, I’ve Tried Sleeping kickstarted their self-titled record on “Flying High Anyway”. The ticking guitars, expressive harmonized mysterious vocals, pounding drums, and deep bass all created an escalating relieving progression,  leading to a melodic trip with heavy strumming and bluesy solos that sent the dynamics to the roof. Tuning things down a little bit early comes “Not Talking Squatch”, a more of a country ballad with a rock ‘n’ roll bluesy twist and a layer of distortion that gives it a hard-hitting progression. “Hard Hitting Rock” stands out to its name as I’ve Tried Sleeping injects more energy into the dynamics of the record through its sharp guitar tune and groovy riffs. I’ve Tried Sleeping steer into a brighter sound on “Out Here On Our Own”, using colorful swaying guitar melodies and well-arranged organs that added a warm layer while adding a  surfing guitar section around the minute 2:10 mark that’ll perfectly retrieve the listener’s attention. “Without The Faintest Idea” has a cool enjoyable structure with some entertaining killer guitar solos and melodies exploding everywhere. I’d love to listen to an extended live version of the extremely groovy “Some Kind Of Mother”, the guitar/organ/bass conversation is pretty awesome on this one, it can easily invoke an improvisational section on stage that’ll drive the crowd CRAZY! Moving next to “Listening To Zeppelin”, I’ve Tried Sleeping pays the proper tribute to the legendary Led Zeppelin lyrically and musically. As they consider them the reason why they’re doing what they’re doing, the band reflects on Zeppelin’s influence on them as fans before being musicians through lyrics and as seasoned musicians through their melodies, solos, and structure. “Shaking This Can Up” comes next, smartly positioned to shake the dynamics once again and keep you hooked, and shows a lot of their writing skills with its simple structure and interesting energy. “Build Something Golden” starts with Pink Floyd-ish psychedelic vibes and guitars before totally evolving as it progresses into a bigger sound with an epic storytelling vibe. It has some extremely remarkable pure blues-influenced guitar work as usual, jazzy, enjoyable drumming, and an incredible Jon Lordy organ section. I was impressed by its solid structure and how fast those 9 minutes flew. Ending the record with the raw from-the-heart singalong rock ballad “Your Arms Around Me ” creates a special moment between the band and their fans, it closes the record with a big open sound that’ll get instantly printed into your mind.

I’ve Tried Sleeping’s self-titled record is a smooth sonic trip with loads of melodies and well-written music that’s totally recommended to any music lover. You’ll find diverse sounds and moods that’ll keep you entertained all throughout the record. Head now to I’ve Tried Sleeping’s Spotify page and follow them as they’ll be dropping those rocking songs as singles one per week from now till the record’s release on the 13th of November. Cheers, and keep on rocking!