Punk Rock’s difficult equation is how most of the time less is more with that genre. If you go back to the roots and basics of what made this genre great throughout history, you will be able to name and list each and every one of those elements.

UK-based rockers 9 O’clock Nasty hit a new peak when they released their single “Too Cool” at the start of 2023, and now they are following it up with their latest single “Low Fat Jesus”.

With a name and lyrics that are full of sacrilegious black comedy, bright and upbeat chords and well-timed drum lines, you can tell these guys are strongly in touch with their Stooges and Dead Kennedys influence. The bassline of the song is very strong and ties together the drums and guitars of the song.

The vocals are typically classic punk too, with an equal balance between nasality and melody, but it maintains a degree of yelling and a strong-sounding chest register. The yelled-out backing vocals are another charming portion of the song, especially during the chorus when they repeat the phrase “don’t do what I do, do as I say!”. 

It’s another example of how the band are taking influence from the early days of punk when the most important thing was the shock value and the offensive lyrics that are made to upset conservatives and religious people. I love how every element of this song is well-thought-out and well-crafted. 9 O’clock Nasty are not simply paying homage to the past, they are creating new modern-day classics that are on par with the legendary bands they take influence from.

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