‘Lovetrain’ is a golden piece of 80s Punk, New/ Dark Wave, and Indie Pop/ Rock, born in 2022.

A strong trio of guitar, bass, and drums throughout the song keep things solid with a head-shaking, toe-tapping melody.

Ruebi’s vocals are veteran, clear and pleasantly inviting, making each word count. The lyrics tell a tale of a tragic ending, toxic love narrative. They poetically compare the story to the frenetic city’s lifestyle and how things move fast and unapologetically cruel.

Before COVID, Ruebi was part of a band with around 70K listeners per month on Spotify. They toured around 88 shows between Europe and the USA in 2019. The Germany-based artist is used to playing as part of a German Dark-Wave Post Punk Band (name undisclosed as the artist wishes to be known for his work).

‘Lovetrain’ is currently one of the nine tracks available, among others like ‘Clown’, ‘Wie aufm Mond’, ‘STRANGE’ and ‘Immer’. They all demonstrate Ruebi’s multilanguage singing skills in both English and German.

Ruebi’s ‘Lovetrain’ is a song to add to your go-to Rock/ Punk personal playlist, available on Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud.

He is a one-person band at the moment, recording his music at his not-so-humble home recording studio.

Ruebi is someone to watch out for. His work speaks for itself. His high-quality music, with an obvious crafted talent from years of practice, performing, and just passion for music, builds a strong base for his upcoming reputation.