“Love’s Boss” is the new creative creation of Kansas City-based, one-of-a-kind artist, Rebecca Davis, who also goes by the name, DawgGoneDavis. It’s chaotic but not in a moonshine way, rather in a fun, quirky way with both a vintage and a stylish manner.

When we say we’re about to hear some coherent music with class A musicianship, the expectation would be some sophisticated music or music that follows the mainstream standards to be likable. But, artists like DawgGoneDavis know how to make topnotch music that doesn’t have every day’s sound and themes, doesn’t have bomb, overlapped production, yet raw sound and minimal production that effortlessly grabs your attention. She doesn’t need to steal the lights; she creates her own.

If it’s your first time listening to DGD music, you’d easily notice what I’m talking about. Her artistic identity is standing out, and you can’t help but get hooked by her playful vocal line and the delightful, groovy sound of the Rap, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and R&B blend to create a bouncy rhythm and a joyous atmosphere.

The song starts with the line, “Who made you love’s boss?” in a disapproving tone. The entire lyrical theme is rebellious, sarcastic, and based on DGD’s life experience, which is relevant to many young people. Her rapping is as bouncy as the melody and comes in an interesting, witty storytelling way.

Lyricist Chago G Williams, drummer Jack T Perry, guitarist and composer Romain Duchein, and Hellmut Wolf on sax/flute, DGD’s musical mentor and twenty-three-time collaborator, Hellmut Wolf, are all featured in this polished composition. Each artist’s top-tier skills helped to give the single its authentic, saucy flavor. They all play together in harmony and give a fun vibe. From what I’m hearing, I’m positive that it was an amusing recording process.

The arrangement gives the feel of a highway with many speedy cars and one distinctive car that’s moving backward in confidence and prowess. The fast-paced instruments make you feel as if you’re racing and make you unable to stop moving or repeating the track.

Ready to get your mood pumped? Hit the play button below and enjoy listening to the musician who’s breaking the taboo and pushing the boundaries of music.