Troll Toftenes

Hailing from Bergen, Norway comes Secret Treehouse with a secret sound recipe that can easily slip into your likes list. As a follow-up to their debut record The Big Rewind”, Secret Treehouse are set to release their single “Lovers in the Street” on the 18th of November 2022 with a big sound and romantic vibes, or as they described it 

“that the song is about the feeling of rediscovered love in a relationship and the feeling of being free wandering the streets together.”

So, let’s see how it goes, 

Opening with such a hooking melody says a lot about Secret Treehouse’s style and direction and creates the perfect setup for the “ Lovers in the Streets” bright sound. Its groovy fluid verse with those beautiful warm vocal melodies carries the listener smoothly to an atmospheric bridge and then, using the intro’s riff they get into an engaging rocking chorus that’ll drive the fans crazy when played live. I loved how Secret Treehouse elaborated on their spacey sound after the 2nd verse, taking us into their own dreamy world that felt like we’ve dug deeper into their minds, and the magnificent soft progression they created building up to the outro just BLEW MY MIND!

“Lovers in the Streets” is a lovely fluid tune with an open sound and colorful melodies in a well-crafted changing dynamic structure that’ll leave you playing it on repeat. It has a smooth flow with perfectly arranged instrumentations and amazing mood control as they go through diverse sounds all in perfect harmony. I’m definitely keeping an eye on Secret Treehouse, and looking forward to more, cheers!