Described as a dark emotional journey, Under Delusion is taking the dark wave, alt-rock genre to a whole new level of fascinating music. “Lover” is the perfect blend of symphonic and cool, with guitars creating an electronic masterpiece of gothic/darkwave musical territory. Under Delusin’s female lead is rising to stay alongside legendary Chic Metal vocalists like Amy Lee and Sharon den Adel. Born from the deliciously sick fantasy of a creative mind, “Lover” is a shout into the dark recesses of temptation, brought to life through memorable riffs, cascading synths, and crashing drums.
A song for the senses and a dark fairytale as old as time, “Lover” brings to mind the dark gothic art of the creepy side of fairytales. It’s a chant where love is moody and unpredictable, mysterious and scary, enhanced by Under Delusion’s lead singer’s operatic vocals and dramatic vocal performance. Like an 80s retro thriller, “Lover” is not simply an anti-Valentine’s Day, erotic track oozing with sultry excitement, but a testament to the musical power of a new darkwave/alt-rock band on the rise.

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Jaylan Salah