From Sweden, the land of the metal and…heavy metal comes forth a band with a flame of change, this is…”Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends“.

That is a mouthful!

They are an indie pop-rock group, very melodic…very.melodic.

This reminds me of how Sweden gave the world some of the most melodic musical groups like ABBA and the cardigans, now it’s “Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Aliens Friends” turn!

The song is “love will prevail”…it smells of that golden age of songs, when the music, melody, and vocals reigned king, like the good ol days!

The song starts out as a classic Scorpions song with the title of the song being the first words being heard, right of nowhere to catch you off-guard…you got me.

With a mysterious, dark, and morbid verse, the song takes you on a little journey through some emotions, only to bring you back to the chorus once again seamlessly. I like that, I like it when the music just develops and returns to the chorus without being forced and that…is exactly what they have done.

All of the elements of the song work together in a very organic way, for example, the chord progression just feels very natural, nothing is forced on us, the listeners, actually you feel that organic evolution of the song when the chorus goes into the verse and vice versa…it feels pleasing.

I can’t stress it enough, these guys are very melodic and harmonious in the most refreshing of ways…and this is their thing…in a world full of computerized and digitally rehashed 3 chord songs, these guys and taking us on a trip to the good times, when music was melodic and sounded easy on the ears and souls.

If you are into the melodic side of music, you gotta check “Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends” out!

We wish you all the best and are waiting for more of that ear candy you’re creating!


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