Arto Arvilahti

How does the world live and how can it be healed? This is the subject of the Finnish band Tears Apart’s latest album, “LOVE,” and its tracks answer those questions with an existential urgency that is essential to us today.

LOVE’s tracks, from their names to their lyrics, are inspired by everyday life, the nuances, and the depths of life itself in ways that are both grotesque and luxurious.

The music is a blend of Soul Rock, Acoustic Rock, and Alternative Pop that chose styles from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, which can be considered an intensely soulful show, simply hitting all the right beats while still carrying on the classic elements it draws on. The songs oscillate between melodies that reveal the most painful and heart-wrenching aspects of love.

There’s a passionate soul that roams throughout the album, from the delicious harmonies on the singing to the sheer passion that radiates from every guitar beat and every slap on those drums. Every part of the musical arrangement has love embedded within it.

Let’s start with the track, “Stronger,” a unique piece of Electric Rock; which made us live in “Alive,” with amazement with its dance rhythm; “Pain,” which lurked on the wall of Pop-Rock with the most attractive ambiance with bass and maintains the beautiful sound of the band; as well as, “Perfect,” which plunges into calmer waters with rhythm featuring guitar and drums and a deep lyrical voice.

Going back to the first track, “Sea of ​​Sin,” it blends Soul with Rock, featuring guitar and drums, almost to the blues. Moving on to “Wanna Stay,” we are getting more lively with the 80s style. Going to the more optimistic side, we find “Rose” and “Storm,” in a dance atmosphere from the seventies. To end the album with “So Beautiful,” which is the simplest and most heard, characterized by its vocal characteristics and the most romantic tones, becoming the perfect song for dancing close to the ones you love.

Each of these songs somehow represents its title, but Tears Apart manages to weave clear spaces between the songs. “LOVE” is a powerful album with 10 songs and less than 37 minutes about the many different facets of love, so listen to it.

Edited by: Viola Karmy