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Love and hate songs are everywhere, so it’s not exactly a new topic to cover, but it’s how you deliver it that makes your music distinctive. Clyde Syde’s “Love Hate” makes sure to capture both love and hate in a relationship that swings fast like a pendulum.

Clyde Syde is an artist who doesn’t like to commit to a specific genre. His sound is inspired by a range of artists like Nirvana, Lil Peep, Blink 182, Juice Wrld, and Post Malone, resulting in an Alt-Rock, Grunge, and Trap hybrid one-of-a-kind style.

“Love Hate” is a song driven by passion and real stories of some toxic relationships that had deep affection like that: “I tattooed my face to show you my heart was in the right place.” But somehow it ended badly like this: “We’re over and I hate you.” Syde didn’t make the lyrical even between love and hate, and the scale leant more towards the hating emotions, but the first line I mentioned was more than enough to showcase the love part.

Energetic, spicy guitar riffs open the track and pave the way for Syde to kick off strong with raw, husky vocals that give a flaming performance throughout the single, mash-up with the varied genres, the instruments’ vivid vibe, and the ache in the lyrics.

The balancing between a vulnerable and an edgy timbre in all of the elements, especially the vocal delivery, was exquisite. As a listener, you can feel all the mixed feelings being conveyed to you through each element separately and all together. The catchy guitar and drum lines at one point offer an angry, frustrated atmosphere, and at another they feel bright and amiable, capturing the emotional rollercoaster of a love-hate relationship.

The beauty of “Love Hate” is that it doesn’t take a specific state to be enjoyed; its musical prowess will captivate you anyway. But if you just got out of a toxic relationship, it might strike a chord.