Love Ghost is currently on a fiery run of releases, Finnegan Bell’s producer and artist collaborations in Mexico coming to light as we see new track after new track. Acclaimed by the press for a ‘for the misfits’ approach to writing, and a diverse discography that blends alternative rock with a vast array of genres, Love Ghost continues to move forward. The artist has also appeared on the Rockpalast festival broadcast and played shows at Auditorio BB, Indie Foro Rocks and Amazon’s Gamergy Festival.


The new single ‘TIME TRAVEL’ features high-energy songwriting and a dark, hazy backdrop that brings together intense strings and punchy drums. Love Ghost’s vocal performance is vulnerable and gloomy, matching the fury of the instrumentation with a heartfelt delivery of a troubled narrative. The performance leaves everything on the table, showcasing the full range of Love Ghost’s performative abilities. Yung Dupe’s feature is equally high-octane, also matching the aggressive nature of the single in his performance.

Love Ghost adds, “Time Travel is a song about a troubled girl that that I was interested in and a desire to travel back in time to absolve her from trauma/ her own demons. However in this voyage I opened up a door to an alternate universe and welcomed her demons into my own life. It’s very fantasy driven and creative and honestly I was loosely inspired by the movie Donnie Darko.”

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