“Between right and wrong, there is a field and I’ll be meeting you there” a field of distance between two independent souls who wish to intersect one day, actually they do intersect but only through communication. But with bad communicators love turns out to be WAR!

Hailing from Boston, US the recently named “Performer Of The Year” in New England Music Awards ‘Jennifer Tefft releases a new single off of her forthcoming 6th album titled “Love And War” with a rocking enthusiastic sound.

Love And War’ begins with a rocking guitar riff accompanied by some groovy drumming and vocal warm-up that assesses the rocking vocal by Jennifer that engulfs the track with her sharp yet smooth vocal notes.

John Parillo is inspirational on the guitar with his riffs and picking throughout the track that add sharpness to the track and flame the vibe combing the heat of both love and war altogether in once place.

Jennifer Tefft‘s new line up consists of Drummer Chris Georgenes, bassist Stephen “Sharky” Beccia and long time guitarist John Parillo and of course the vocalist Jennifer Tefft.

The band will be celebrating the release of this track ‘Love And War’ with a show on Friday, September 8th at Tangerini’s Farm in Mills, MA and brace yourself for a great experience listening to the great vocals that reminds me of the veteran Ann Wilson, along with the groovy guitars and drums the band conceive.