I would prefer first to talk about the music part. It’s remarkable! I love their raw punky-rock style, and the hardcore influences are giving the song a charm indeed. I would say vocals and guitars are my favourite elements over here. I cannot deny the tightness and harmony of the bass and drums were the main core to give this song its beauty. Now, let’s discuss such a sensitive political topic… 

“Punk rockers Endless Rant is on a mission to combine hardcore punk, Antisemitism, and Middle East politics with their first single, “Love and Fury”. Available on all streaming platforms on November 5th, the band will drop the EP Semitics on November 19th with accompanying video and social media to support and engage their message.

The ‘Love and Fury’ of their debut E.P. was born out of their experiences as two American jews, one of which grew up in Israel. Both have experienced differential treatment because of their bloodline. Through many conversations had while walking in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, they learned that although both are Jewish, neither one supports Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. They realized they wanted to give Palestinians a voice through their music. Palestinians are Semitic people just like Jews, and the band felt it was time to address the need for that unity. Endless Rant’s Semitics E.P. came into being by finding common ground in the trauma of their everyday lives, politics, and their love of hardcore punk music.

Love and Fury is a song of Jewish empowerment and a rebuke against Anti-Semitism in all its forms.
“Love” in the title refers to the admiration and perseverance of our people. The “Fury” does not refer to hate of any kind, but rather to the lengths one will take, and has taken, to survive. Love and Fury is a raw, unapologetic war cry to anyone who stands in the way of love and acceptance.” – the band stated. 

Well, I am not good with politics. In fact, I am the kind of person who prefers to avoid it in general. If you haven’t been raised in the Middle East and you’re not familiar with terms like ‘Semitic’ or ‘Semites,’ then I should tell you that it was historically first used by members of the Göttingen School of History in the 1770s, and since then the political dilemma started! It got really at its peak when the state of Israel has been declared back in 1948. Arab and Middle Eastern countries announced their refusal of such an action, especially Palestine and Egypt. To cut it short, after the war between Egypt and Israel on the 6th of October, 1973, in which Egypt already won, but actually, the war wasn’t for the sake of the Palestinian lands, it was for my own country! Why?! Because Israel trespassed the Egyptian territory by adding the beautiful Sinai Peninsula to their Israeli lands! And when the political conversations failed, Egypt declared war to take it back. Since then and the Egyptian people refused all the acts of the Israeli government, but let me clarify something. The Egyptians know very well the difference between a person who follows a religion, whatever it is, and a government that follows methods that are not within its right. In fact, I am an Egyptian Christian who is surrounded by a majority of Muslim friends, and I HAVE NEVER FELT FORSAKEN OR INSULTED! As proof to what I say, the Egyptian president declared in a press conference about a month ago that anyone in the Arab Republic of Egypt has the right to choose Christianity, Islam, or Judaism, or even if he is an atheist! And the government has nothing to do with that. So I understand that you guys want unity, frankly, if someone in my age who already was born after 1973, I won’t blame him/her for his country’s government actions, but if Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United States, or any other country decided to trespass on my country, definitely such action won’t be accepted or tolerated. Finally, if you’re looking for unique punky rock vibes, then I’d recommend Endless Rant for sure. Stay tuned for their debut EP ‘Semitics’ which is coming out on November 19th, 2021.


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Mena Ezzat