Teasing his upcoming record Freedom, Charlie Freeman dropped his latest single Lost Town on the 25th of September 2023. Described by Freeman as “…a song about journeying through those long nights of the soul. Digging out the darkness and out the other side to freedom – ‘come on everybody, let us rise again.’’ Lost Town isna tune that’s gonna adjust your mood. Let me tell you more about it. 

Charlie Freeman opened Lost Town with beautiful bright melodies in an open-sounding, uplifting setup, promising a mellow dreamy tune to come. Lost Town moves forward with a smooth flow and soft sound, as Charlie Freeman’s fluid vocals fully control the song’s dynamics and mood, smartly steering it towards cheerful vibes, while keeping its organic flow and sound fresh and uncompromised. It has a neat production that allows every layer to be heard and understood, all within a solid arrangement in a streaming structure that smoothly carries the listeners throughout the song’s mellow dynamics.

Lost Town is a solid tune that shows Charlie Freeman’s control of his elements and his knowledge of his sound and direction. He managed to create a sweet inviting sound with a mellow flow and irresistible mood-boosting melodies that keep the listeners hooked and entertained. Looking forward to more from Charlie Freeman, keep on rocking. Cheers!