Credits: Ammar Yasser |

To remember our teenage ballads is something granted, aint it? Not much effort till we recall the good days’ tracks and how we used to air guitar on them.

A blast  from the past, I’d call it given its catchy tunes and simple lyrical theme that made it almost relatable to all the listeners at some point. Played by the Alexanderian based rock band Alexers released their second single titled “Lost in My Life” after releasing their first single “Second Chance”.

Alexers are graced by a special talent that is formulated in the mesmerizing lead vocalist “Ibrahim Magdi” with his astonishing abilities and the wide vocal pitches he enjoys. Alongside other talented instrumentalists, such as: “Khaled Muhammed” & “Moatasem Bashouq” – Guitars, “Omar Abdelfatah” – Keys, and Drummer “Abdelrahman Selim”. 

Alexers made it very simple at the beginning of the track and gave it no complications, selecting an easy topic and emotions to address the listeners with what they would easily relate to. Speaking about loneliness and solitude, a generation’s issue.

The music played by Alexers in “Lost In My Life” is simple and organized to align gently with the lyrical theme and the melancholy within, conceived by a beautifully expressive solo to mark the track’s authority to snatch your affection and addiction. 

Alexanderia has been a state to give birth to lots of shining rockstars, and Alexers will be one of the contenders on their Mediterranean stage.