As an amazing gesture that shows how art and artists can really make a change, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Roger Ricks dropped his latest single Lost, and announced that he’s donating its proceeds to children in need. With lyrics written by Emme Pierre, Lost is one of those songs that’ll directly go into your “Favorites” playlist. Let’s see how it goes.

Roger Ricks’ way of mixing classic hard rock with electronic elements in such a balanced mix, created a fresh textured sound that immediately pushed Lost‘s big energy to a whole new level. Lost is a top-notch rocking tune with phenomenal guitar work from Roger Ricks and extremely catchy melodies in an uplifting energetic structure. Those well-layered and arranged melodies, riffs, and shredding solos will instantly turn you into a Ricks fan, as he managed to keep the energy growing as he pushed Lost‘s dynamics forward, resulting in an extremely enjoyable sound that’ll make you play it over and over again. Lost has a subtle groove that’ll keep you hyped and moving to his highly relatable and approachable sound, which I believe will attract diverse audiences. 

Roger RicksLost is a catchy relentless tune with loads of entertaining twists and turns, it shows his seasoned writing skills and well knowledge of his sound, and direction, all in a tight solid and always progressing structure. Looking forward to more from Roger Ricks, cheers!